Thursday, 14 November 2013

Seasoned Wood Logs

The Woodhorn Group is pleased to announce the launch of another new product - Seasoned Wood Logs. Earth Cycle Firewood Logs are fully seasoned from sustainable sources of woodland in West Sussex and Hampshire. Earth Cycle logs contain a hardwood mix of Ash, Silver Birch, Hazel and Cherry and are available in loose cubic metre loads or in bulk bags. Earth Cycle Seasoned Logs Ash – Excellent burning wood with low moisture content. Ash has a good flame and produces plenty of heat. Birch – Has a very good heat and produces a bright flame. Birch produces a nice aroma and works well when mixed with other slow burning woods. Hazel – good heat, burns well without spitting Cherry – Burns very slowly and produces a lovely heat. Cherry also produces a nice scent and does not spit Why buy Earth Cycle Seasoned Logs? Our hardwood Seasoned Logs have been carefully selected from sustainable woodland within the boundaries of Hampshire and West Sussex. They have been fully seasoned for over a year and have very low moisture contents. Delivery Our seasoned logs are sold in cubic metre loose loads and bulk bags Free delivery within 5 miles of our production site in Aldsworth, West Sussex. For further details click here

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